Why we're leaving Boston.

I've been dying to share this story on my blog! If you haven't read the story about Chris's job at Boston College and how that came to be, you should read that first to get the full context of what's happening here. I've gotten into the habit of documenting big changes like this for our family and it is so encouraging to look back and remember the faithfulness of God in our lives.

Last summer I sent my husband a text message while sitting on the front porch of my sister’s house in Denver, Colorado. I asked him a question (I thought) I already knew the answer to: Would you ever consider moving to Colorado?

Our family vacation was wrapping up. Chris had already gone back to Boston to return to work and I was struck by the pace and space that a life in Colorado had to offer. Sitting there, I was processing through some of our restlessness that had recently come up. For many years we have longed to be closer to family and our roots; Colorado has always been home for us, but Boston has been our calling.

I told my parents how recently we had started to feel out of place; like something needed to change. At the time, we weren’t exactly sure what needed to change. It was more of a general feeling rather than something we could put a finger on. My parents listened as I shared our passion for Thailand and the beautiful story that has been unfolding all these years. I asked them about future plans for the Joy to the World Foundation and what they believed the future might hold. Before leaving, my dad told me that God usually makes us feel restless before he’s going to change something.

I knew Chris’s response to my text would be no. Not only because we’ve always felt a strong sense of calling to the city of Boston, but because he had finally landed a job at major University. We also bought our first house and were settling in to our new life. It had taken us 9 years of hard work to get to this point. WHY would God change something now?!

But there was something stirring inside both of us; individually and together.

Later that evening he responded to my text and said that he was open to where God leads. Shocked, I immediately called him to confirm what I had just read.

The next day, my dad explained how the foundation had been growing too fast for him to keep up and he was considering hiring a Director to manage things and also work to develop and grow new projects. It was through our conversation that he realized Chris would be the perfect candidate.

I knew this job wasn’t exactly what Chris had in mind when he said he’d be open to God’s leading. And I also knew that his personal sense of calling was towards academics and this would not be that. So I ventured home with the kids and a job description in hand.

3 years earlier, God provided a job for Chris that confirmed our calling to Boston, so this seemed crazy to consider.

But we couldn’t shake the feeling.

As soon as we could, we met with our closest friends in Boston and asked them to pray with us about this possibility. We expected them to have 25 reasons why we shouldn’t move out of the city………….but they felt it too.

We continued to pray and ask God for direction and here’s what happened: we started to come alive. We began to see the missing pieces come together and an overwhelming sense of peace filled our hearts.

In November, we made the decision to move back to Colorado Springs.

Chris will be taking a job with the Joy to the World Foundation as Director of Operations.

It’s risky, we know. But walking away from an academic job into the nonprofit sector is something we have put a lot of thought into.

We see now what God has been doing all along and it brings us strength and confidence to keep trusting him and moving forward.

And so we walk boldly into something new with open hearts and open hands, knowing full well this leap of faith will force courage and bravery we never thought we had!

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