What I've learned this Spring

This Spring I read a book by Emily P. Freeman called, A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live. This book inspired me to start writing again and I think it's well worth the read.

I've learned that sharing my art with the world is an opportunity for God to show himself to me and to others. I've also learned that my willingness to respect the pauses and allow the time and space to create is 'breathing life back into my soul,' as Emily P. Freeman so eloquently puts it. This simple act of sharing our art with the world allows us to live a life that is richer and fuller.

This post inspired me to start recording what I'm learning. Enjoy


1. It's ok to drop the ball sometimes.

Make apologies, and move on. It's not ok to feel guilty.

One of my friends recently posted something on facebook that said something like, Adulthood is basically writing a bunch of emails back and forth that start with "Sorry for the delayed response" .......until you die.

Story of my life.

2. Working on a team is going to change my life.

The non-profit that I work for recently went through some restructuring and I am no longer working alone. I'm pretty sure things are going to get a lot better from here.

3. Perfectionism is the thief of productivity.

I have a really hard time starting anything unless I know it's going to be successful, or just right. But the reality is that oftentimes a success begins with a failure. I accomplished two major things this Spring that are helping me feel more confident about getting work done. And by getting work done, I mean work that is messy, not perfect, and needs improvement. We have to start somewhere and until I'm willing to take the ideas from my head out into the world, progress is never going to happen.

4. Making memories can be simple and sweet.

It doesn't take a trip to Disneyland or a well planned activity to create special memories with our kids.

4. I can still rock the rolling skating rink!

This Spring I took a week long vacation with my dear friend Mandy and our combined total of 6 kids (she actually has four kids, but one of them wasn't present). We ended up taking the kids to a roller skating rink and I thought my skating abilities were long gone. After a few minutes back in the saddle, I was surprised to find that I still got it! We should totally bring roller skating back because it's so much fun!

5. San Francisco is definitely one of my favorite places......ever.

My quick trip to San Fran proved to be totally worth it and totally magical. My childhood bestie met me in SF to ride bikes through the city and eat our way through the Mission District all before driving up to Napa to celebrate my sister on her 40th.

6. The tulips in the public garden always bring a smile to my face.

Unfortunately this year they only lasted a few short days and I got there right as they were fading! Still pretty.

7. I really miss my old neighborhood. Which possesses me to take ridiculous photos like this while I'm sitting at a stop light. Even though I still drive through it nearly every day, it's not the same. This neighborhood will always hold a special place in my heart.


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